We use a Reverse 1-Up Compensation System that will create Passive Profits for you. Your first referral will pay you direct $50 - $200 depending on their level. They are going to keep their first sale, and then pass up their second sale to you, which puts you into profit with just one referral. 

You will pass up your second referral and that is the only one you will ever have to pass up.

Your 3rd referral to infinity will pay you $50 - $200. They will keep their first referral, and then pass up their 2nd sale to you!

All of your passups are also going to pass up their 2nd sale to you, and those passups will also passup their 2nd sale to you, and this goes on to infinity as well.

We are making sure you the opportunity to create leverage and the Reverse 1-Up will do that for you.