Frequently Asked Questions:



Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!


Q: What exactly am I buying here?
A: You are buying traffic to the website of your choice along with the text and banner ads displayed throughout our network.  You are also buying into the opportunity to make money buy referring others to this opportunity. Also part of the fees include your position into our master rotator where we promote your referral link for you making this a 100% done for you opportunity.


Q: What is the difference in the master rotator traffic and the guaranteed visitors?
A: The master rotator traffic is more targeted and likely to sign up and make a purchase. These are visitors from solo ads, viral mailers, facebook, youtube, etc. The guaranteed visitors are still good quality visitors but they are from pop-unders and re-directs which take more views to convert.


Q: With your done for you marketing do you guarantee sales?
A: I want to say yes but nobody can ever guarantee sales. We are able to guarantee sign ups with our marketing and although sales are likely we can not make that guarantee.


Q: Do I have to promote at all since you are doing the marketing for me?
A: No you do not have to promote if you do not want to however you can make much more money if you also promote. We have included some of the places we use to promote inside the members area.


Q: How long will it take for me to make my first sale with your marketing?
A: We guarantee that you will get sign ups pretty fast however we can not guarantee a time frame on when you will make a sale. We have no control over peoples actions. Some will make sales on day one while with others it might take a few days or even weeks.


Q: How do I make payments?
A: You can make the admin set up fee payment using cash app, venmo, google pay, zelle, or bitcoin. The payment you make to your referrer is sent according the payment method they provide (cash app, paypal, venmo, zelle, etc.) We have no control over the payment methods our members use.


Q: How will I get paid?
A: Inside your members area you can enter your payment details under custom payment. You can enter any method you wish to collect your payment.


More to come....