Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I get paid for my referral sales?
We send payouts via paypal, or check every time you reach $50.

How can you guarantee sales to my referral links?
The sites that you are an affiliate of generate hundreds of dollars each every day. We have a massive list of buyers and we know how to get sales. We will plug your referral links into a rotator. We then promote the rotator link daily using solo ads, and our in-house list of buyers.

What if you are not able to get me sales, can I get a refund?
There are no refunds. We spend a lot of money and resources and we are confident that we will get you the referral sales. We will promote your links until you do. Please contact us if you have any issues with your order.

Is my personal information protected with your company?
Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone.


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